Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 06 22

Name : Les Siros
From : Kemboja

Our maid absconded today.  Sebenarnya dah boleh predict that she won't stay long.  She is been communicating with the agent behind us.  When I checked the telephone bills and confronted her - she confirms that the agent promised another majikan for her - better pay, better majikan.  When we stopped her from using the house phone, she used public phone.  How convenient.  The maid has been telling us that the agent even change couple of majikan for her sister.  How sad - another Malaysian did that to another Malaysian with pretext the majikan didn't treated the maid well.  What about the maid behaviour which is so rude, no manner, berat tulang, kerja sambil lewa, tak nak mandi, biarkan rambut terbang terbang, meludah everywhere she like then intentionally malas nak siram.

Yes, I did cubit her during her intern (few weeks) - for lesson sake not to hurt her but when I realised she's stubborn, memang tak makan ajar - forget it.  Touching her feels so disgusting...  To all outsiders who read this - watch out.  Agents are supposed to protect the majikan because they earned money from the majikan tetapi kalau fikir balik, the more maid abscond, the more they get.  The more they can recycle.  Mana yang lebih beneficial???  Fikir fikirkan...

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