Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 07 30

Sepatutnya menjelang September, kami sibuk dengan persiapan kenduri kahwin adik.  Sekarang???  Sungguh bodoh pemandu hilux itu!!! Bodoh!!!  Bangang!!!  Careless!!!  You are not fit to be on the road!!!

Being a big sister, I have to take control of everything - every single thing, cannot miss anything.  I have to be sister, wife, mother, maid, doctor, nurse, physchologist, wedding planner.

Feels down, I have to cheer them up.  Upset, I have to put light into their daily life.  But when I need someone to talk to, my partner shut me off.  So unfair!!!  "What you want me to do??  I'm not a doctor??"  Upset kan.  I just need a person to listen.  Tak bagi comment pun tak pe.  Listen.  Susah ke???

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