Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2011 08 17

Selangor cuti.  Teman kan adik kat spital.  I'm lucky.  Met rehab doctor.  Met ortho doctor.  Met physiotherapist as well.

Adik on polimicin (antibiotik).  Doktor said this is the best and strongest antibiotik so kena tahan sikit.

On another occassion .... adik been complaining, since he arrived in 4G Trauma Ward - he been asked to sit down, walk, get up from his bed etc etc.  Make my hati so panas.  On friendly ground, I look for the nurse who has been "kind" to my brother and ask him to do things which he could not do yet.  Am I upset???  Of course I'm upset - even angry.

Adik tak suka when I complained to the nurses.  He is so worried that he will be ill treated later.  Hell....I did this so people do not try to do macam macam to him and he says it's ok for macam macam.  If it is ok, why in the first place complained???.  Whatever.

Surprisingly, things improved.  Adik been given special bed for his bed sore and they quickly look for wheelchair to mobilise him.  See...things improving

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