Saturday, September 3, 2011

2011 09 02

Ari ni semua doktor dah balik bertugas.  Bernyawa lah sikit hospital ni.  Kalau tidak si sengal nurse nurse ni semua pakat main game aje.

Met a few doctors today.  I asked about Adik.  One of the doctor in charge (sorry I didn't quite get his name) told me, Antibiotik works well with the kuman.  The dangerous one has gone for goods.  Left the kurang dangerous aje.  Alhamdulillah.  He said cannot removed the Antibiotik yet.  Extended until 22/09/2011.  Lets see...

A few minutes later, another doctor came in - intended to ambil darah.  I told him, Adik in a very depressed stage.  Too long in the hospital, antibiotik worsen his situation, cannot move, cannot bath, janji manis made by doctors etc.  I even recommended physiciatrist to assist.  Doktor tu kata "let me be frank with you.  Don't believe or don't buy words from doctors other than the specialist sebab everytime you talk to them, they will say what they think but what they think may not what the specialist think.  About your brother, I will speak to the specialist and will try to help.  I understand his situation and I will help"

Petang tu, Antibiotik adik was removed.  Surprisingly...  Terima kasih ya Allah kerana sentiasa membantu setiap perjalanan hidupku.  Amin.

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