Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 12 25 Singapore - Orchard Hotel Singapore

 Actually booked Deluxe Room, Orchard Hotel.  Kami sampai yesterday night around 9 pm (after Universal Studio).  Check in was slow and surprisingly we don't have any room and was suggested Superior room instead.  I was so mad.  Takkan my kids nak tidur kat lantai pulak.  Ini dah lebih...  After a very professional talk with the Manager, I've been offered 2 rooms suite instead.  Haa engkau.  Main lagi dengan den. 
Huge room, elegant, Ming Palace Dynasty look alike.  I like!!

Kenangan di Jalan Ampas.  Takde pun studio.  Sekarang cuma ada factories

Cantikkan bekas sabun ni...  Macam mutiara 

Checking Out pun slow.  Heran sungguh tempat ni...

Leaving Singapore for Johor

Makan kat Burger King, Skudai

Good bye semua....

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