Saturday, January 21, 2012

2011 01 21

Adik been suffering from stomach disorder since Thursday.  I've been so busy lately so I put "his story" behind.  I keep telling myself can't be so serious.  Everything looks so tolerable until last Friday mum call asking me to come home.  Vomitting, wind, stomach blotting - to name a few.  Feel so guilthy...Sorry adik.

After breakfast, arrange anak2 for driving range in KDE.  Suamy has been there since morning.  Surprisingly a person who used to get up late can wake up so early without jam loceng.  The more you hate, the more they nail you.

Took adik to Hospital Pusrawi.  Spoken to Dr Razipah (surgeon) before I arrive.  Very friendly, warm and willing to give 2nd opinion on adik case.  Alhamdulillah.

X Ray taken and she examine adik.  From the X Ray she confirmed that bowel adik blocked and she quickly rush us to admit adik in HUKM since this is Prof Razali's case.  She made a few calls to Prof and his team and wrote special letter to A&E and off we go....  So penat.

Adik in HUKM, Surgery 1 Wad 5B, Katil 2.
Left HUKM at 9:30pm. Mak jaga adik pulak k.  Along nak balik dulu.  Belum sembahyang Maghrib dan Isyak ni.
Ehhh....lupa pulak.  Thanks to my Brother in Law, Zairi, Angah and their two children for being so understandable and stand next to me throughout my journey today.  Thanks.  Love you all.  Appreciate your warm thoughts...

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