Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 01 09 Passion

My passion is to write - what's yours?  Does my passion hurts you?  Does your passion hurts others?

Anyway - this is my diary - my expression, my sadness, my happiness, my life.  Don't like it...  It is ok..because I will still write.


  1. Ok...understood. I will respect your writing passion. Plse write on.
    On the same token, plse respect my golfing passion. Golf on......

  2. If the golfing involve family - by all means. You'll have my full blessing. If it's just meant for you to do things behind your family. Have fun alone. Forget about responsibility. Abandoned quality times with your love ones. Hmmm....Fikir fikirkan.

    Tak rugi pun spending more time with the family - I mean quality time. Bukan setakat be in the house and do nothing. Old enough to know what to do other than do nothing right...