Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 03 10 Weekend with family

Weekend with family starts NOW!!
If you missed it, NO TURNING BACK....

Breakfast dulu. 

Nasi Lemak Tangling
Nasi Lemak x 4
Sambal Sotong & Kari Ayam
Teh O Ais, Milo Ais & Teh O Panas

Then to Genting Highlands Theme Park.  Fun at the Peak

And the Excitement Begin 

Double Deck Carousel

Break kejap

Tea Cup and Astro Fighter
The Tea Cup was in the Family category but it is too small for a family.  I've tried something bigger - then it is suitable for a family.  Same as Astro Fighter.  Imagine big fat daddy on an Astro Fighter.  Squeeze him tight, daddy.  Poor plane - how to chase Alien??

Rodeo Rider
Max height - 122 cm.  Only Angah could enjoy this game.  Same age, different body size.  What happen if you have kid which falls into the 122 cm category but bigger size.  Can the kid ride??  Pleae use common sense darling

Flying Jumbo, Pirate Train (versi rumah hantu - pirate version) & Pirate Ship

Break the Magician Code

Antique Car and Mini Train
Short break using the rail system

Bumper Boat
Queue at the Boat Ride is so long, tried Bumper Boat instead

Trying luck

Making letter for Abang

Nampak tak binatang kat belakang tu??

Sedang makan pucuk kayu rupanya...

Gigi oh Gigi


Tea Cup...2nd time

Memang best.  Tak sangka anak2 boleh main permainan yang tak seberapa ni sampai malam. 
Terima kasih En. Suami....


  1. best kan??? for the sake of the kids

  2. Alhamdulillah...anak2 memang seronok sangat.

  3. Tapi kalau nak lagi seronok - bawa cousin cousin dia sekali. Barulah bergegar itu Genting