Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 05 19 - 20 Genting Highlands Kota Keriangan

Hubby ada hal in the morning and I was away to KPJ Section 20, Shah Alam.  Sister in Law was admitted since Monday for dengue.  Anak anak complain - so after discusison with children.  Decided to go to Genting Highlands in the afternoon.  Leaving KL around 5 pm.  Reached Genting around 6:30 pm.

Since we have been to Genting few months ago, tak rasa seronok sangat.  Moreover, ad hoc, cause difficulty.  No room available due to Kenny G Concert.  Looking around and was offered a private owned Apartment in Apartment Ria. 

Review - bad bad bad apartment.  My impression - tak ubah macam Lorong Hj Taib.  So very bad.  Please don't stay here.
Harga - 2 rooms Apartment - RM500.  Not worth it at all.  Walaubagaimanapun, anak anak happy ngan outdoor and indoor game.  Semoga perancangan kami mendapat keberkatan Ilahi demi sebuah kenangan bersama keluarga.

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