Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 05 24 Pengalaman di Gleneagles

To all friends,
This is what happen to us today and it is my biggest customer service nightmare...

Leaving office and reach home around 7:30 pm.  Tired.  Very tired.  I just hope I can rest a bit from the office stress.

My daughter Syasya is crying.  Saw a few dots on her face, arms, tummy and she said very itchy.  Worried for the worse - without husband at home and alone.  I ordered the kids to get ready.  Without performing my Maghrib prayer, we left home for Gleneagles and the nightmare starts here.

Girl name Alinah registered my daughter.  It was 8:50 pm.  Triage nurse called Syasya a few minutes after that.  Handed over ING card to Alinah.  Waited for her confirmation on the status of card.  Half an hour later she told me I can't use the card.  Cash instead.  Fine with me.  Waited and waited and waited...

Saw many people, come and go.  A few "on call" nurses also intended to see the doctor.  They definetely came after us.
Surprisingly, people who came with small children - perhaps more serious than my daughter were allowed to see the doctor.  Sabar... and keep myself calm...  Please sabar

9:55 pm.  I asked the registration girl to check my daughters turn.  She left and return - saying my daughters card is on top.  Should be called anytime.

Waited again.  Roughly 10 minutes after that a lady doctor calling a chinese patient.  Ehhh...  how could this be?  But the children look fairly alright.  Sabar please...

Then another person were called in ... maybe demam.  So sabar lagi...

After that the triage girl went over to the "on call" nurses and advise them "Doctor Chan is still bz.  Do you still want to wait??  They chat and chat and giggle and then the triage girl left and went inside.  A few minutes later, she called the "on call" nurses to go in and see the Doctor.

This is not happening to me.  I've been controlling my patience but it is definetely out of the way...

I confronted the front girl again and ask her to check status of my daughter again. How can this be happening.

I can read the Triage rules but what about rules that I'm also customer and I have every rights to be attended fairly.
During the chaos, my daughters name were called and we went in.  Still pissed off, I expressed it to the Doctor - Indian Doctor.  She was the one who called the chinese patient earlier.  I told her, it is now 10:20 pm and I'm so upset with the system.  She told me the triage nurse is responsible to make sure the patient is attended to properly and she dare to say - some people waited for 3 hours.  I don't care about other people.  This is my daughter.  Will you let this happen if its concerning your family member??  Excuse me.  How can they do this to their customer.  How many people facing the same hick ups like me??? 

The doctor prescribed medicine for my daughter and we left the room.  Waited again.  Ask again - where is the bill?  Maybe tunggu Pharmacist to give green light.  Ya Allah...  10 minutes.  Still no ubat.  I told the girl, forget about the ubat.  I'm leaving. 

She ask me to pay for consultation fee - hmmm...  Sorry.  When I first came, my daughter still ok.  No fever.  But now, she's tired, sleepy, badan dah start panas - fever, more gatal2 and uncomfortable.

I told her - you do what you have to do.  You have all my details and I left.  I keep thinking, if they have to jail me for what I did.  I'll be happy as long as the message were passed to others and someone will stood up and stop this stupid procedure.

My advise.  Please stop this stupid and irresponsible system where you health is in the hand of a triage nurse and my daughters health were on the line by this triage girl name Norisah.  She said - your daughter can wait because it is just rashes.  Excuse me - the doctor told me it's chicken pox not rashes.  Idiot!!

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