Thursday, May 2, 2013

2013 05 01 Pilihanraya

Sana sini bercakap tentang pilihanraya and I feel it's about time to express my opinion on this issue.

Malaysia is a multi racial country.  No matter whether the Indians came from India or the Chinese came from China - the important thing is being the "top management of the country", the coalition, UMNO, MCA and MIC has worked together and formed this country.  Done!!.

Yesterday, my daughter, came and asked me - mum, is that true PKR is BAD.  I was shocked.  At the age of 9, she has been "exposed" to this question by friends who fairly have no understanding about politics.

I firmly told her - "being 9 - whenever people told you any statement, be it about PAS, PKR, UMNO or any party - just told them - my mum told me, if you didn't see it with your own eyes, if you didn't hear it from your own ear or if your gut feeling told you the opposite, this is just fitnah and I'm not interested". 

To be on safe side, I brought them to the "field" to see what politics is all about.  They maybe 9 but politics is so wide and it is to be treasured and understand before you make your own stand.  My stand is simple, being a citizen, I want my country to be develop and maintain well, rakyat "feels" the benefit being Malaysian (share the wealth of the country with rakyat), no bureaucracy (means no rasuah also), feeling safe in the country and pemimpin turun padang bukan waktu pilihanraya sahaja.  Frankly, I don't even know this Gary, the serving guy!!  How to compare candidates?? ...  Oh please.

Hey guys, if you are in the top management too long comfortably, you need someone to pat your back and remind you that you have been paid (or vote) to do work for Malaysian and NOT for yourself or your cronies.  If you imposed tax, the tax money were used to develop our country and not for an individual payment.  AND if you are being fair, please create one channel (tv or radio) just for the "other party" to speak.  Janganlah bagi sekejap, lepas tu letak iklan banyak2, lepas tu cancel pulak.  Tak fair lah kan.

Biarlah rakyat judge sendiri.  For Pakatan Rakyat (I've been to Pakatan Rakyat & BN ceramahs), even though during your ceramah, you did not mention or do personal attack, at least janganlah asyik nak "bela diri" sahaja, please elaborate on your plan to improve Malaysia.  Itu lebih penting kan.  I know new Selangor government has implemented a lot and BN dah curi your idea and put it into BN Manifesto, tak pe lah ... sebab rakyat tahu.

However, to BN, the most important thing...please do not put 18SX video on "air" sebab anak2 ramai hoo...  Biarlah mahkamah yang menentukan.  Memang susah nak dapat candidate yang 100% bersih tapi bersihkah anda???  Tepuk dada Tanya selera.

In the Nut Shell ... I am still the Fence Sitter.
What about you?  Choose party or choose person that represent the party.  Susah woo ...  Untuk 5 tahun lak tu.

Untuk anak anak saya, ceramah pilihanraya adalah ... pasar juadah, orang yang sangat ramai, panas, free KoolFever and orang yang cakap kuat (guna microphone).  First exposure...

Sosej satu ...

KoolFever ... surprisingly helps. 
I thought fever patch ini cuma untuk demam je.
Learn new thing everyday

Good crowd

Enjoying sausage

Distribution of free KoolFever. 

Ramai sungguh even though panas terik
First time datang kat perkarangan Istana Kehakiman ni. 
Thumbs up Architect.  Superb design.

Photographer BERSIH

Thank you KoolFever team
Even though, ini ceramah pilihanraya "Melayu", ramai orang cina datang.  Knowing Chinese, they will not put on bandana, wear t shirt, if they don't support.  Why must they support parti yang tak popular.  I thought they feel comfortable with MCA.  An eye opener.  Something to think about.

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