Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 06 28 Dinding Bocor - Repairing time

Suami has been calling all his "known Contractor" number and ask them to come for fixing the wall but all are too busy.  Or perhaps too messy job with less pay.  Until this Contractor - Tan agree to come.  "Bersangka baik please" - I think he has been waiting for "bigger" job to renovate rumah kampung.  That's why he agree to come and help us.

So I decided to bring anak anak keluar and let them under the supervision of my cute botak suami.  Dear suami.  Please be botak forever.  You are so handsomely cute and adorable with goatee janggut yang umphhh...

Breakfast in Subway - PKNS, Shah Alam

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