Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 06 30 Hari hari seorang pemandu (sambungan)

At 0813 - on the way to Twin Towers after sending off the children.  Hmm...  Tak suka.  Tak suka.  Please communicate with me.  Don't let me drive alone.

I don't want to drive alone
Stay with me, don't doze off
Talk with me for just a while
So much of you to get to know
Reaching out ... touching you
Leaving all the worries far behind
Loving you the way I do (yang ni memang betul ... sayang seadanya)
My .... on yours and your .... on mine (bulan puasa ni ... tak boleh tau!!)
Loneliness can get you down (seriously ... memang tengah rasa ni)
When you get to thinking no one cares (serious giler ... memang menusuk kalbu)

(Ehsan : Paul Anka - I don't like to sleep alone)

Dear drivers out there (tak kira lah...chauffeur ke, taxi driver ke, personal driver ke, bus driver ke)  Wa really salute sama lu lah bro.  Keep up the good and hard work.

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