Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015 07 02 Ramadhan 15 1436 H - Senama Agro International Sdn Bhd & Global Epitome Sdn Bhd

Ari ni pergi Jalan Kassipillay untuk cancel pembelian 1 plot tanaman pokok gaharu.  Sebenarnya offer to sangat menarik TETAPI banyak perkara dalaman yang membuatkan kami rasa it's not worth it to continue.  After service pun agak mengecewakan.  I just hope they deliver what they promised.  Otherwise, we would be your next in line court case.

Guys...if you happen to read this.  Precautionary method...just ask around before you commit or ask the Ambassador to bring you to the site first.  Identify your plot, contact the provider (FRIM, MOA) and make sure your name are gazetted in the land title.

Global Epitome is their marketing agent

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