Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 04 18 Prince First Day in C Y Foo

To fulfil requirement set by Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia that any student who wish to pursue their Master, they need to complete (gain) 6 months working experience in an Architect Firm. After tonnes of letters sent out, resume printing, board preparations and interviews, finally, Alhamdulillah, my son employed by C Y Foo, an Architect firm based in Bandar Baru Ampang.

Love this notes from

"It takes a lot of commitment and desire to become an Architect.  Nobody becomes an Architect because they think it sounds cool or they like to draw.  There is a lot more to it and I think it needs to be a calling for you to even think you will experience any measureable success"

Shy little boy who is on his way to new life adventure

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