Friday, April 22, 2016

2016 04 21 - 22 HEARTS Programme with Quantum Excellence Empowerment Programme by Uptown Dreamers Sdn Bhd

Module 1 & 2 - "Change your Inner Talk, You Can Change Your Result".

I am the lucky one who has been selected to attend this programme. I was a bit sceptical but surprisingly, this 2 days programme has reprogrammed my thinking - we may not be rich but we can be rich. What we need to do is to ask favour from Reticular Activation System "RAS" and he will used his magical power consist of People, Resources and Opportunity and help to make it happen for you. Just ask, vision and make it a mission. InshaAllah. However, you have Amygdala - senses potential and real stress and releases neurotransmitters in response causing you to feel doubt, fear an anxiety. BUT, you have ALLAH. Feel the fear but do it anyway.

From left Aida, KJai, Maz, Roha and Me

With Pn Fathiah Shamsuddin - the Motivator

Maz, my group mate sesak nafas due to athma attack.  Teman dia gi "sedut" jap kat klinik di TTDI

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